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SCNP, through its shareholders carries out CSR activities as proof of its' responsibility to the community and surrounding environment.

The form of CSR activities that carried out so far by SCNP are :

1. infrastructure development

2. blood donor activities

3. social service activities.

Going forward, Company will strive to consistently carry out CSR activities that will be distributed to other activities that provide added value to social life and the surrounding environment.



The company earned SEDEX international recognition for corporate social responsibility (CSR) in year 2019.


Company is aware that products are the result of business operations which have certain impact on the people and surrounding environment. This means that company has specific concern on conducting production activities ethically and sustainably throughout each tier of the supply chain.

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Consumers and investors are becoming increasingly mindful of the sustainability and ethical creation of goods and services, and are more likely than ever before to invest in more sustainable products. Companies that are able to report on their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) have an opportunity to build trust in their brands and reach new customers. A survey by market research analysts Nielsen revealed that 81% of global respondents felt strongly that companies should help improve the environment.


Companies have a responsibility to take into consideration the environment and surrounding ecosystems in addition to ethical and social factors in their supply chains.  Sedex supports companies to overcome these challenges. Using the right technology allows businesses to share information quickly and efficiently, prioritise their resources and take action where it will deliver the greatest impact. It enables and facilitates greater transparency throughout what is often a large and complex supply chain.

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