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Good Corporate Governance ("GCG") is a system designed to direct the management of the company professionally based on the principles of TARIF (transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence and fairness). The main purpose of implementing GCG is to optimize the value of the company for shareholders and stakeholders as well in the long run.

PT Selaras Citra Nusantara Perkasa Tbk. (“SCNP”) has a commitment to become a stronger, healthier and globally competitive OEM entity in home appliances industry.


The manifestation of this commitment is by including implementation of GCG as part of the corporate mission in order to improve competitiveness to attract investors and strategic partners.

Implementation of GCG will have positive impact on the creation of corporate accountability, reasonable and independent transactions and the reliability and quality of financial data/information to the public.



The key to success and sustainability of GCG implementation is the functioning of the organs of the company, namely the GMS (General Meeting of Shareholders), Board of Commissioners (BOC) and the Board of Directors (BOD) effectively.


Furthermore, these organs will be greatly supported when there are GCG supporting organs that also function effectively. For this reason a GCG Code is a neccessity and mandatory to the corporate. GCG Code is a set of corporate directive referred by the management of the Company which be further elaborated in form of policies and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), as a top reference on GCG implementation.

GCG Code and its' implementation is a mandatory to the public company as stipulated in POJK Number 21/2015

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