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to be the home appliances and medical equipments manufacturing company that leads industry in region and consistently supports people for a healthier lifestyle on daily basis using our manufactured products towards better life.


  • establish and maintain a good and solid partnership and partnership with the principal and all business partners

  • produce innovative, quality and trusted products with the state of the art technology and deliver products to customers on time to improve the quality of people's lives

  • contribute to national economy by opening up jobs and providing quality products at affordable prices

  • improve employee skills through continuous learning and training and provide a healthy work environment




Firmness of attitude and behavior that upholds truth, honesty and professionalism with high responsibility


The spirit of cooperation that complements each other and strengthens as unified system, that is harmonious, integrated and sustainable on the basis of mutual understanding, respect and trust


Having a high fighting spirit, hard worker, smart, thorough, who address these things as part of worship


Enthusiastic to continuously explore and develop anything related for better achievement in the creativity matter and continuous improvement


Loving attitude, sense of ownership, being responsible to the company for its progress and development in the future in order to achieve its vision and mission

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